Marcus Kuhn

Marcus Kuhn is the owner of Just Good Tattoos. He is a world renowned tattooer and painter who has been tattooing for 30 years. He has worked in Japan with the best tattooers in Osaka and Yokohama, tattooed in Argentina and Australia, and lived and worked in Paris and London for years.

He lives in Eindhoven, Netherlands and spends half of the year traveling and tattooing all around the world. Marcus was one of the original NYC tattooers in the early eighties. He worked at the original Fun City on the lower east side when it was the only street tattoo shop in NYC.

Each episode will present the city that it was shot in. We will go to the streets and give you the city as it feels to us.

Marcus will be profiling one cool spot per city, a record store that sells coffee and antiques, or an Italian shoe maker in Buenos Aires that has been there for a 100 years, or a sumi shop in Kyoto that has been there 500 years.

Each episode will conclude with a feast involving all the great people who have come together for that city’s filming. The message being- human interaction is the most important point; it is that moment together that is most important. Too often we miss the real highlights of being here.